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Advantages And Disadvantages Of GMO—Are There Really Advantages?

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Genetic engineering is a technology which is being widely used in today’s world. It has been introduced through the efforts of large GMO companies and it’s use as well as the results from the use of such a technology is slowly being spread through different regions. As in any kind of technology, there are advantages and disadvantages of GMO production. However, at this stage, it is definitely necessary to evaluate what outweighs the other more. Are there truly more advantages than disadvantages to its use or will we be having major headaches in the future due to the wide use of this technology?

Top 3 Disadvantages Of GMO That Are Directly Threatening Your Kids’ Health

Although many scientists claim that there aren’t many disadvantages to the use of genetic engineering, especially in food crops, they yet have to acknowledge the fact that there are potential dangers that may be related to its use. Amongst the many disadvantages of GMOs, the ones related to health are the ones that should cause the most concern.

– The introduction of characteristics coming from one food crop into another may also introduce allergenic properties which are akin only to the former to the one that is to be modified. Thus, in the future, we may be dealing with more food allergies than what we have previously known.

– Certain procedures involving cloning techniques used to isolate particular genes involve the use of antibiotic resistant genes as well. If these are introduced into the human body, this may cause resistance to the same kinds of antibiotics in humans as well. In fact, this is one thing we don’t need especially with the discovery of superbugs which are now threatening human health.

– The use of growth hormones in animals, particularly cows, poses the biggest health risk as these growth hormones are suspect in triggering the production of growth factors in the human body which may be a cause for certain types of cancers.

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The Truth About Genetic Engineering Advantages And Disadvantages

While it is true that genetic engineering can be credited for having certain advantages in terms of food production, it is also important to take note that these are all for the short-term. The long-term effects and most probably disadvantages have yet to be discussed.

Scientists claim that one advantage in terms of crop production is the lessened need for pesticides as crops are being slowly altered to resist pests and diseases. However, insects like any other living object have the ability to adapt to change. Thus, the probability of overcoming this resistance is highly possible.

Soil contamination is another disadvantage of genetic engineering that has to be dealt with as the introduction of genetically modified crops may have the ability to change the microbial flora of the soil as well.

The issue on genetic variety is also another disadvantage that can cause problems in the future as the introduction of a single kind of variety of crop can lead to lessened biodiversity.

The use of a new technology should be handled with caution. As the disadvantages of the use of nuclear energy is now being felt in certain parts of the world, so may the effects of genetic engineering lead to a chaotic situation in the future.

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