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Why There Really Are No Such Things As ‘Benefits Of GMO’

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As much as people in the field of biotechnology would like to proclaim that genetic engineering has many advantages, recent studies are beginning to show that the benefits of gmo are slowly being outweighed by the many problems that come with it. GMO companies continue to claim that GMOs have greatly enhanced the way of life of many individuals, especially farmers, as the technology they promote gives several benefits to those who use it. They also claim that the use of GMOs can be considered as one of the solutions to the food crisis besetting many around the world.

Farmers, Consumers Want The Pros Of Genetic Engineering Rechecked

Amongst the many “pros of genetic engineering”, the one promoted by GMO companies is the argument that genetic engineering lessens the need for fertilizer use in crops as the GMOs being produced are greatly resistant to pests and other environmental factors. Other arguments include increased yield for farmers who use GMO seeds and enhanced nutritional value for GMO food products.

What they fail to mention, however, is the methodology behind the making of a GMO. The use of viruses and bacteria are not clearly mentioned in their articles and the probable health issues which may result from the use of these methodologies are not even acknowledged. Contamination in the soil from these viruses and bacteria are also not mentioned and the probable impact of this contamination on the environment has yet to be understood.

Cross-pollination amongst crops and other plants are slowly being seen in recent years. There have already been an exchange of lawsuits between farmers and biotech giant Monsanto regarding problems of cross-pollination and yet, these problems are just now making it to the headlines.

Nowadays, as farmers as well as consumers are slowly being made aware of the many problems that come with genetic engineering, many are now beginning to doubt the supposed-to-be advantages that come with GMOs.

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Study Reveals Examples Of GMO Health Risks

Amongst the greatest concerns with the use of GMO are the many health risks that come with GE food consumption. A study made by a group of British researchers have showed that the use of antibiotic-resistant marker genes which is part of the protocol used in creating GMOs can actually affect the human gut. The study showed that upon consumption of GM foods, the genetic material found in GMOs can be absorbed by the digestive tract. This now becomes a GMO health risk as this may cause future resistance to antibiotics needed for treatment of certain diseases.

Besides antibiotic resistance, GMOs are now suspected to cause certain types of cancer. The use of rBST in cows is one manner which is highly suspect in terms of cancer formation as well as hastened puberty in many females.

GMO companies may continue to promote the many advantages of using genetic engineering. As time goes by, however, further research will most probably show that behind these claims are a lot of fallacies, which need to be corrected before the situation worsens.