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India Cancels GMO Cotton Seed License

In India, Government of Maharashtra has canceled the Monsanto’s license to sell genetically engineered cotton seeds while it investigates farmer suicides, reports Environment News Service (ENS). 28 Indian seed companies were cancelled in the process, which were selling cotton seeds using technology from Mahyco Monsanto Biotech, a joint venture of Mahayco and Monsanto Holdings Pvt. The move comes […]

GMO Cotton Baaaaaad For Sheep, Goats, and You

It’s a story that seems fit more for the horror books than a nursery rhyme. When several sheep and goats died after reportedly grazing on gmo cotton, imagine what that could that mean for you. The incident reportedly happened somewhere in India, specifically in the Warangal district of Andhra Pradesh. What Indian shepherds claim is […]

Top Examples of GMO That Can Make You Sick

A lot has been heard in recent years about genetically modified organisms, otherwise known as gmo. Other terms associated with this newly discovered technology are genetic engineering, genetically modified crops, or even genetically modified food. Some examples of gmo in crops are cotton, rice, soya and maize. In farm animals, examples of gmo are salmon, […]

India Rejects GE Cotton – Why The Rest Of Us Should Follow

In a landmark decision, the Indian government banned Monsanto from selling three varieties of its GE cotton, a move that the US and many other countries should emulate. The government of India, through its Genetic Engineering Approval Committee, refused Monsanto’s request to continue selling three of their BT cotton varieties in the country. BT or […]