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Petition | Stop GMO Apples!

Canadian Okanagan Specialty Fruits is seeking approval for their non-browning GMO apple in the US via USDA fast-tracked process. It will be the first genetically engineered version of a food. According to the latest study by the Environmental Working Group, conventionally grown apples are the most pesticide contaminated fruit or vegetable on the market. According to […]

Hybrid Fruit Vs. Genetically Modified

Genetically Modified Organism has its DNA altered by means of genetic engineering to make it more disease, pest, or chemical resistant, or to include desirable characteristics such as size, color, enhanced nutrition, or stability (shelf life). Some of the GMO foods are potatoes, tomatoes, soy, corn, papaya, apple, salmon, rice, cotton, chicken, strawberries, wheat, sugar […]

Why GMO Fruits Need To Be Removed From Grocery Stores

Genetically modified fruits, in recent years, have emerged consistently on grocery shelves in the form of GMO strawberries, bananas, citrus, papayas and more. And while they may not be quite as heavily planted as soybeans or corn, they are still more ubiquitous than one might think. With the emergence of reports showing ill effects of […]

Parents Want The Truth About What Is GMO Food And Its Harmful Effects

There are no people more concerned about the possible harmful effects of GMO food than parents. That’s why a lot of fathers and mothers want to know what is GMO food capable of doing to the health of their children as well as the rest of their family. Take for example, rBGH milk, which comes […]

The Shocking Truth About What Are GMO Foods Really Like Without Their Makeup On?

Like everyone else, you’ve probably heard it a million times: genetic engineering is the way of the future. It will ease global hunger and solve malnutrition. Several years after scientists first learned how to engineer genes, these promises still haven’t come true. Also there are concerns as to what are GMO foods really like behind […]

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