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Are You Aware Of How Genetic Engineering Disadvantages Your Household?

disadvantages of genetic engineering

Due to the fact that many good things are being said about genetic engineering, people are not fully aware of how genetic engineering disadvantages can truly affect one’s life. From the day this technology has been made popular, nothing has been said except how this technology may be answer to the pressing problem of food crises all over the world.

Genetic engineering makes available several food and medicines amongst other things, that they are readily acceptable by consumers. But just how safe is anything that is genetically modified? Are there no risks involved in purchasing genetically modified food as this is one of the most readily consumable goods related to genetic engineering?

Dangers of Genetic Engineering Is As Dangerous As It Sounds

Many individuals who are for genetic engineering will make it seem as if the dangers of genetic engineering are things which are to be trivialized. When they write about these dangers, they write it as if these are small facts which need to be ignored and that it would be better to focus on the bigger picture. However, if we really do focus on the bigger picture, we will see that the dangers of genetic engineering are very real and indeed, very dangerous.

The foremost danger that we can see as a result of genetic engineering is the introduction of genetically modified food in our household. Cows that are injected with rBST, a hormone that increases milk production, produce milk that can actually be a reason for cancer formation in humans.

Transgenic crops that are used for food production may cause serious health problems in the future such as antibiotic resistance and allergy formation in otherwise healthy individuals. The introduction of new viruses that may affect humans are also a possibility not to mention the possible damage that these GMO foods may cause to the blood as well as other major organs.

Since many of these dangers are related to human health, one could consider these dangers to be quite real and quite true.

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Cons of Genetic Engineering Will Shed Light On The Real Dangers To The Family

As if the dangers of genetically modified food that may affect an individual’s health were not enough, there are still many other cons of genetic engineering which need to be explored.

The effect of genetically modified plants and crops on the environment may not pose problems as of the moment. But when imbalances in plant distribution start to “crop up” years from now, the problem may be such that it can no longer be controlled. They are also starting to introduce genetically modified animals into the environment. As to the possibility of mutations within species occurring, only time will tell.

Nature has already provided the earth with a system by which all things should exist. For humans to meddle with this system means that there is no assurance as to how things can change in the future. DNA and other proteins are not completely understood. What they can actually do and how they can affect other species has yet to be fully discovered.