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Genetically Engineered Potatoes? Pardon My French Fries

ge potatoes

Genetically engineered potatoes are one of the fastest growing produce in the field of genetic engineering in agriculture. Indeed, the spread of GE food has reached even the most basic of food supplies and is slowly making its way onto the dinner tables of consumers. Like most other vegetables and crops that were genetically modified, the purity of organic potatoes is also being threatened on an international level.

The lack of proper labeling laws for GMO foods also present additional danger such that consumers could end up buying GE potatoes without their knowledge. This is a major threat to food integrity in general, not just for potatoes and similar kind of crops. It is therefore important to examine what are the implications of GMO potatoes for consumers and why you need to be extra careful.

GMO Potatoes Might Not Be Safe For Your Kids

Although many GMO proponents claim that some food items can be safe to consume for humans. However, there is not enough evidence that would prove otherwise and the same goes with GMO potatoes, especially if you are feeding them to your kids. You must also be extra careful when feeding them their favorite potato dishes such as French fries or mashed potato because it is difficult to determine whether these crops are genetically modified.

Shop Clean Spirited's Eco Friendly Women's ActivewearWhat is it about genetically engineered potatoes that make it harmful for kids and humans to consume? Essentially, GMO crops may contain artificial pesticides and herbicides that simple washing cannot get rid off. And if they are consumed by humans even after processing or cooking of these potatoes, then it can be harmful to their health. In fact, these toxic substances could even cause cancer, allergies, nerve damage, and various behavior problems to an individual with prolonged exposure.

Although organically grown plants and vegetables develop their own internal insecticides, this is not of the same quality as the ones added to a GMO plant. These substances do not exist in nature and is trying to mess with the genetic composition of a crop or plant to gain various benefits. In the case of genetically engineered potatoes, it is done in order to release lectin, a substance found in potatoes that acts similar to a natural insecticide. More concerns about the human consumption of GMO potatoes arise when assessment and tests on these crops performed on animals have shown serious organ damage.

Why We Should Quit Messing With The Genetic Engineering Of Food

There are several reasons why genetic engineering in agriculture should be taken more thought of and if possible, put off production of genetically modified potatoes and vegetables.

• Genetic engineering in agriculture is still an imprecise technology. Indeed, the process of modifying DNA makeup of crops and organisms is still in a trial and error stage and it could be devastating to risk one’s health for this experimentation.

• There are several negative side effects that are presented by consumption of genetically modified potatoes. The lack of conclusive evidence or research study that would say otherwise poses more danger.

• It can pose threat to the entire food supply. With genetic modification of foods and crops, it can contaminate organic food supplies and make it more vulnerable to causes of crop failure.

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