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What Are The Risks You Take When You Eat Genetically Modified Strawberries?

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As with any genetically modified fruits and vegetables, there are certain risks that you take when you eat those beautiful, delicious-looking mutant strawberries. Let’s face it, the genetically modified strawberries look amazing. But before you grab a bite off of those red and plump strawberries, you should know a few things regarding these mutant strawberries.

And you really should inform yourself about the negative effects of these GMO strawberries. There are a lot of reports, claim and advertisements talking about how good these GMO fruits are and very few factual articles and published studies that reach the consumers regarding the negative effects of these strawberries.

The industries that earn money from these mutant crops are flooding the consumers with biased reports and false claims, that each consumer should start arming themselves with knowledge in order to protect their health.

Genetically Modified Strawberries Pros And Cons Everyone Should Know About

Farmers employ genetic engineering in agriculture to be able to plant crops that are more productive, bigger, more resistant to pests and even immune to chemicals. What not many people know, however, is that these very same traits are the ones that are endangering the health of consumers and the environment.

Consumers should be knowledgeable of the genetically modified strawberries pros and cons because these will most likely convince them to stop buying GMO products. First of all, if the mutant strawberries are insecticide and pesticide resistant, then there is a big chance that the residue of these chemicals will end up inside our bodies.

Also, because the GMO strawberries are chemical-resistant, there is a chance that they can help in developing weeds that are immune to herbicides. This may happen when the GMO strawberries cross-pollinate with the weeds.

Why Buying GE Fruits Can Actually Do More Harm Than Good

So, no — GE fruits aren’t all they are cracked up to be. Sure, they can survive being bombarded by pesticides and herbicides but can the human body do the same? As long as the GE fruits and vegetables are being drenched in poisonous chemicals (because they can stand) doesn’t mean that you should endanger your health and that of your family.Because, with the amount of chemicals being sprayed into these mutants strawberries, some of it is bound to get into your family’s diet as well.

Consumer should boycott these products, but that won’t be as easy as it sounds. For one, there is no way for you to know whether the strawberries that you are picking out from the market are of the GMO or the non-GMO. Presently, the US government still doesn’t require producers of GMOs to label their products accordingly.

Consumers need to protect themselves and to do these they should be well-informed – something that the government obviously doesn’t want you to be. What you can do then to protect yourself and your family is to buy from reliable organic producers. By doing so, you help the organic farmers while also keep your health and that of your family safe.

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