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Will GMO Plants Have An Effect On The Rights Of Farmers To Own Crops?

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GMO crops may have posed several advantages for growing nations and provide an opportunity to stave off hunger for many in the years to come. However, the ramifications might present to be more than the given benefits. Not only do GMO plants and crops pose threats to the environment and human health. There are even economic consequences that can follow, which can lead to the loss of jobs among farmers.

Genetic Engineering In Agriculture Does Not Solve The Problems Of Food Shortage In The World

Despite the goals of most scientists to stave off hunger in many countries all over the world, genetic engineering in agriculture does not offer full benefits. In fact, it might even cause more problems in the long run. Some of the main weaknesses of the concept is the inaccurate technology. Genetic engineers can change or move genes from a single microorganism to the next. The gene can also be accurately cut from the organism’s DNA, although the DNA insertion is random. In effect, the function of other genes needed to support the life of the organism can disappear or be disrupted.

There are also several side effects like crop failure. Patenting genetically engineered plants and seeds will mean that all crops have the same genetic makeup when planted by farmers. A single virus, pest or fungus that attacks one plant can mean widespread crop failure. Harvest can go to a minimum or even zero. The lack of knowledge and information on these mutations means that scientists continue to push forward without fully understanding the risks involved.

Any abrupt change or damage might be permanent and lead to more hunger problems than anticipated. As a whole, food supply is actually threatened is the wind, birds, insects and other animals can move GM seeds to neighboring farms and fields. The pollen can mix with natural crops and wild plants, changing the genetic makeup indefinitely. Naturally occurring crops and plants are always vulnerable to these random mixing and cross-pollination.

Are There Further Developments Expected In The Area Of GE Food?

Eco Friendly School Supplies from ReBinder.comAt present, agencies are more concerned about the proper labeling of GE food to ensure that consumers know what they are buying and eating. Regardless of the product, this should be regulated. There are also new campaigns and programs that aim to educate and provide information to consumers about the effects of GE products, both the good and bad. Studies are still underway to find out more about the effects of genetically modified organisms, before these are fully integrated into the market.

The current problem and threats posed to agriculture is also being solved, since there are a number of companies, such as the Monsanto Group, which aims to monopolize distribution and production of many GMO crops. Farmers should be provided opportunities to continue working, without fear of losing their jobs to fast-growing synthetic products. There are also regulations made in zoning to preserve the purity and safety of nearby fields. Consumers are becoming more aware of the benefits or natural and organic goods.

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