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Why You Should Stay Away from GMO Rice Brands

genetically modified rice

Rice is staple food for many countries, however the same couldn’t be said for GMO rice brands. In fact, genetically modified versions of rice, or whatever food for that matter, should be reason enough for you to run out the back door.

Just like any other genetically engineered food, you shouldn’t easily trust genetically engineered rice. Even if they do come seem to come from famous brands. There are reasons why you shouldn’t of course.

1. Health Risks
The food that you and the rest of the world eat have been tried and tested for thousands of years. Sure there were some times in the beginning when man didn’t really know what to do with the food that they got, but after thousands of years of trial and error, and perfecting eating habits, everybody got it right.

The same couldn’t be said, however, with the genetically engineered food that is cropping out of the wood work. There is no perfect assurance that these modified food will be perfectly safe for consumers.

2. Endangering the Environment
Another thing that GMO rice brands can do as easily as other genetically modified crops is to endanger the environment in two ways. One is by contaminating the other non-GMO plants that are nearby with their pollen. When pollen from a GMO plant gets into a non-GMO plant, the result is a GMO-contaminated plant.

Another way is because it makes farmers more prone to using extra herbicide or pesticides on their crops because the crops are resistant to it. The harmful chemicals can then endanger the environment. It can also remain in trace amounts in the food that consumers eat.

3. Food Supply Contamination
The country’s food supply can also be contaminated when genetically engineered rice pollinates non-GMO crops. This is a real possibility and one such large biotech company has figured itself in a case of contamination. One which costs both farmers and the United States millions and millions of dollars.

These are just some of the reasons why you should stay away from genetically engineered rice, no matter where they came from and how they were genetically modified. It would be best for you and your family to stick to what Mother Nature gave in the first place.

Does The Liberty Link Rice Mess With US Food Supply?

Liberty Link Rice rice, the genetically engineered rice that Bayer made to be resistant to their very own Liberty herbicide, cost the company more than $750 million after 11,000 farmers accused the company of letting it’s Liberty Link Rice contaminate the rice crops of farmers from Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Texas. The said farmers lost millions of dollars in revenue when it was announced that there was indeed a contamination.

Bayer, for its part, settled in order to end the litigations. It claims it did no wrong. However, it’s not if the GMO rice will mess or does mess with the food supply. It’s that it once did.

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What Vegetables Are GMO And Why They Are Not Safe For You

You should be aware of what vegetables are GMO just as well as you should be aware of the other genetically modified crops. However, while there are less GMO vegetables now than before, you should still take care to steer clear of genetically modified plants and animals – it’s for your own good.

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