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GMO Sugar Beets Account For Large Percentage of Sugar

genetically engineered Sugar beet

Whether you like it or not, GMO sugar beets account for a large percentage of the sugar that is produced in the United States market. And if the United States Department of Agriculture and biotech companies have their way, you will have more and more GMO-made sugar being sold in grocery stores.

Right now, these are the numbers: According to a chief scientist at Consumer Union Michael Hansen, 54 percent of the sugar in the country comes from sugar beets, while the other 46 percent comes from sugar cane. The chief scientist says that a surprising 90 percents of the sugar beets being planted and harvested are already genetically modified.

If the US continues to deregulate the planting of the roundup ready sugar beets then the number of GE sugar will increase some more.

And with this increase, then there will be an increase in the risks that are posed to your health.

The Dangers Monsanto Sugar Beets Place On Your Health Are Real

The risks that Monsanto sugar beets expose you to are there, they are a real possibility. And if the use of GM sugar are continued then this risks will continue to be a threat.

What the Department of Agriculture will have to deal with is the great possibility of the increased use of herbicides. And since sugar beets are related to weeds, these weeds can become herbicide resistant.

Sugar beets are also wind-pollinated crops. Because of these, the genetically engineered crops can easily contaminate other plants. And other weeds as well. They could also contaminate their relative weeds, and in the process, create a new set of frankenweeds.

Another thing that most people don’t know is they might be the ones paying for that these possible threats to their own health. According to Hansen, all of these sugar beets are subsidized with taxpayers money. Currently, the United States Government has plans to inject $1.4 dollars into the sugar industry.

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If We Want To Succeed, Then The Corporations Must Help Ban GE Fruits And Vegetables

There are many consumers, concerned individuals and corporations who would love to ban GE fruits and vegetables. And their reasons are mostly health related. They are concerned that genetically engineered fruits and vegetables or any other genetically modified food will have bad effects on their health.

Developments like the United States Department of Agriculture approving the selective planting of genetically engineered beets – which happened February 2011 – and the sale of the GM sugar beets or Roundup Ready Beets.

Many groups do not like the sudden move of the USDA; primarily because the environmental impact study being done on the genetically modified beets have yet to be finished on 2012.

These problems remain, however, because the sugar industry is a politically powerful industry. Couple that with politically powerful biotech industries, and consumers all over the country will have a problem. Since the GMO sugar that is produced and sold can be used as an ingredient for other products as well. And unless there is a big support from the big companies (support which they can show by boycotting GMO sugar) then these problems will likely persist.

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