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Why It’s For Everyone’s Good That The Government Publish A List Of GMO Fruits

GMO Fruits and Vegetables

The hard truth is that not everyone is too happy about using genetic engineering in agriculture. Sure, genetically modified crops have been hailed as the solution to end world hunger and malnutrition, but not everyone is convinced. As far as some people are concerned, genetically modified fruits and vegetables have no place in their lives, let alone their dinner tables.

Bad news for this people then that there is no immediate way for them to find out whether the apple they are munching on or the strawberries they are eating are genetically modified or the ones grown the way Mother Nature intended them. The reason is because the US government doesn’t require Monsanto or any other GMO producers to label their products.

The US government is, in a way, taking the people’s right to choose the type of food that they eat away from them. After all, how can someone practice their right to choose if they can not immediately see choices which they can pick from? The answer is: They can’t.

It is therefore for everyone’s good that the government publishes a list of GMO fruits. And the government shouldn’t limit themselves to genetically modified fruits; they should make a list of all genetically modified items that end up on the store shelves.

That way, consumers will be able to exercise their right to choose the food that they eat. And many consumers are waiting for the US government to do exactly that. In the meantime, parents have to take steps to keep their child away from GMO food.

Read This If You Want To Protect Your Child From GE Fruits And Vegetables

Right now, the best thing that parents can do to protect their children from GE fruits and vegetables is to make sure that the food they give their children is not GE food. And they can do that by:

1. Buy from Trusted Sources

One of the things that parents can do is to buy items from trusted sources. Know who your sources are. Take time to talk to them and find out how they grow or make their products. By doing so, not only will you be keeping yourself safe, you will also be helping out the natural growers and producers.

2. Buy from Organic Producers

While GMO producers are shy about letting consumers know that their products are genetically altered, organic producers, on the other hand, are proud to tell consumers what they really are. By doing so, they are letting consumers practice their right to choose. Consumers like you should support these organic producers by buying their products.

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US Does Not Require Labeling Of GMO Food – Use The Non-Gmo Shopping Guide

Since the United States government is not requiring GMO producers to label their products, one of the ways that consumers can keep their tables GMO free is by using the non gmo shopping guide. For more information about the guide, which lists non-gmo products, go to

Yes, until the government tells GMO producers to label their products, your safety lies on your own hands and on your wise decisions on which products to buy or grow yourself.

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